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About us

We are a technology consultancy helping businesses to overcome competitive challenges and to develop new ways of delivering value through data processing pipelines, APIs, and web applications.

As our client you'll find in us a long-term partner with domain knowledge, technology expertise, and proven methodologies to deliver the outcomes you envision.

We are effective; by listening carefully and thinking clearly, we solve the right problem.

We are efficient; our experience means we pick the right tools for the job and use them well.

We are consistent; our tried and tested methodologies lead to predictable results.

Linas Juškevičius

Director and Software Developer

Linas obtained his BSc in Software Engineering from Vilnius University. He has been coding for as long as he can remember. But his passion for programming doesn't stop there. In his spare time Linas has also been voluntarily teaching school children about Computer Science and the art of programming.

In Linas' world nature and technology have a symbiotic relationship. Taking long walks in the forest is his source of inspiration, a way of unwinding and letting fresh ideas breathe.


API Design and Implementation

We will help you define a roadmap for your internal or external company or product APIs. We will then design and implement your APIs to the highest standards ensuring longevity and robustness.

Custom Data Products/Platforms

We will work with your business and technical stakeholders to lay out your business objectives. We will help you formulate your strategy, devise your technology stack, and use proprietary or public data to build internal or external products or platforms, allowing for future growth while minimising risk.